We're Living In The Digital World!

SDM was founded to empower small & medium sized businesses  through reliable digital marketing services like Google Advertising also known as PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Advertising.

We approach every business problem with creativity, marketing expertise and above all with honesty. We’re here to take on any marketing challenge you might throw at us and we stop at nothing to deliver only the best.

The current pandemic has forced everyone to spend more time online, a lot has changed and there’re new more opportunities than before that have come around for individuals that have opted to advertise or market their businesses digitally. It’s high time small & medium sized businesses take advantage of these opportunities and embark on this digital journey. 

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Advertising your business digitally is one of the best decisions you would ever make especially during these CRISIS times. Advertising helps to keep the consumers informed about whatever new products or services are available in the market at their disposal. It helps to spread awareness about products or services that are of some use to consumer and potential buyers.

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Website Design

Website Design

Traditional Is Very Expensive & It Can't be measured

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  • Expensive to advertise
  • Can't measure results from the ads
  • Limited to people in that area
  • Contract based with cancellation fees
  • Contract term with cancellation fees

Overall its expensive to advertise your products and services via  the traditional route compared to advertising via social media. You have less control over analytics to help measure your ROI.

Google or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Is Cheaper and it can be measured

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  • Tailored to your budget (affordability)
  • Measure conversions from your ads
  • Easily target a wider audience
  • No contract, cancel any time
  • Advertising options (Video, Text etc.)

Overall its really easy to setup your ad and get started today using a minimum budget that you can afford to spend per day. You have more control over your analytics to help measure your ROI.